Airfield Lighting

Currently, airports around the world are using flashtubes, incandescent and halogen bulbs for runway and taxiway lighting systems. This old technology is proving to be less efficient and more expensive due to the amount of energy used and the constant maintenance and repair. The biggest concern in the airport industry is safety. With the increase in number of maintenance vehicles the risk of runway mishaps has increased.

The application of LED technology in airfield lighting operations has increased safety while providing energy and financial cost saving to airports

Our experience comes from our success in the design and manufacturing of portable LED/IR airfield electrical products, LED lamps/fixtures, as well as MALSRs, REILs, PAPI systems and frangible towers.

    Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System With Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR)

  • Management of the Assembly, Integration, and Test program which includes engineering production and delivery of the approach lighting systems to the FAA's Mike Moroney Technical Center in Oklahoma

  • Program Management, Engineering, Production, and Testing:

  • Patriot Taxiway Industries is providing support to the Federal Aviation Administration in acquiring the components for the MALSR system. The MALSR components will be assembled per FAA design drawings. Patriot's engineers will work closely with other MALSR component manufacturers to ensure overall operability of the system.

  • System Integration:

  • The current MALSR will be integrated on a test fixture.

  • Testing

  • The MALSR systems will be tested to FAA requirements to ensure system, compatibility and ensure all components going into the National Aerospace System (NAS) are compatible.

    The introduction of the LED approach lighting systems brings energy saving opportunities, answers to the requirements Energy Act of 2007 and brings challenges to the Enhanced Vision Systems depending upon the Excess energy of the incandescent sources for an infrared signature to identify the runway approach.

    Design, Engineering Study:

  • Patriot Taxiway industries studied the feasibility of integrating IR emitters into an LED based lighting fixture. This included reviewing the complex requirements of making an LED fixture with Infrared (IR) sources into existing MALSR systems. Patriot evaluated the IR requirements of the Enhanced Vision systems and the PRD-LED-0001 requirements to provide detailed IR design feedback for the customer to use for evaluation.

  • System Integration:

  • The current MALSR and integrating new LED/IR fixture were presented in study. Issues in integrating fixture into the MALSR were identified and addressed.

  • Testing:

  • The units will be used in an Operational Compatibility Test

  • Production/Development Unites:

  • Patriot will deliver development units to the FAA for evaluation and test under Phase 2

  • Program and Contract Management

  • All contract requirements for holding meetings were met. All deadlines given to the team by the customer were held. The contract was brought in at cost. All contract management requirements were delivered at the appropriate times, before meetings, during meetings and after meetings in getting the final study product delivered to the FAA.

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