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The StandGuard™ Dual Mode LED lighting systems provides LED and IR Security [Night Vision Goggles (NVG)], maintenance and general illumination support. Over 1105 lighting systems are now deployed at 26 bases worldwide for use by Air Force Security Forces and forward deployed Air Force maintenance troops in support of expeditionary operations.

Conducted Phase I - feasibility study of the MALSR [Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights] light fixture to improve visual guidance for pilots during aircraft approach for landings and provide energy savings for airport operations.

Currently in Phase II for prototype and design. Management of the MALSR Assembly, Integration, and Test program which includes engineering, production and delivery of approach lighting system's to the FAA's Mike Moroney Technical Center in Oklahoma.

Patriot Taxiway worked closely with the Kansas Air National Guard to develop the KC-135 LED Cargo Bay Lighting system. Its primary use will be to provide much needed light for the medical staff in assisting wounded soldiers when flying Aero Medical Evacuation missions. Read "The Difference Between Night and Day"

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